Contact & Appointments

Appointments for new clients are occasionally available. You are welcome to email us to see if we have current openings. In your inquiry, please briefly state which insurance (if any) you’re using and what type of help you are hoping to receive (a couple sentences are fine). You can schedule an appointment by contacting Steve Stewart by email (best) or by phone: 503-936-1508 (confidential voice mail)

Day and evening hourly appointments are available. Reading letters and documents, and phone conversations over 10 minutes will be charged at the standard rate by the half-hour. Please do not communicate private information in an email (except to schedule appointments)—the internet is not private and Steve does not provide counseling services electronically—not via texts or emails.

Immediate Crisis
If you are facing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911. If you or someone close to you is experiencing a mental health crisis and needs to speak to someone immediately, please contact the Pierce County Crisis Line at 1-800-576-7764. A mental health clinician is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost of Visits
Stewart Counseling Services charges a standard fee of $145 per hour, whether it is for individual, couples, or family counseling. Psychological inventories and assessments are additional fees. Occasionally we might suggest that you purchase a book or attend a class, but you would have the option of participating.

Cancellation Policy
If you miss your scheduled appointment without providing a 24-hour notice, you will be responsible to pay a $145 late cancellation fee. (In exceptional circumstances, this fee might be waived.)

When asking about appointments, please state which insurance (if any) you plan to use. Although Stewart Counseling Services is not in network with any insurance providers, we might be able to process insurance claims on our behalf. Clients, however, are responsible for the session fees should the insurance reject a claim. For clients with insurance coverage, here are questions we suggest you ask your insurance company about your coverage:
• Which mental health benefits (if any) will they pay for?
• How much is my copay for each session?
• What is my deductible and has it been met?
• How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
• What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
• Is approval required from my primary care physician?

For some insurance providers, because of their slow or convoluted claims processes, we require clients to pay their fees (payable in cash, check, or autopay) at the beginning of each session according the fees listed above. For your convenience, we can give you a receipt for service, which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

If you don’t have insurance coverage for mental health therapy, Stewart Counseling Services collects its full standard fee as described above—payable in cash, check, or autopay at the beginning of each session.

Preparation for Coming
Before we meet, you will be asked to provide “intake” information about you and your concerns as well as “consent-for-treatment” forms that give you more specific information about what to expect from Stewart Counseling Services. We use SimplePractice, which is a secure, encrypted, website for conveying important information between you and Stewart Counseling Services.

Our office is located at 15406 Meridian Ave. E., Puyallup, Washington 98375. It’s just south of the intersection of Meridian Avenue (Highway 161) and 152nd Street E. If you’re driving south on Meridian Ave., turn right at the DQ Restaurant just after 152nd Street; park at the SilverRock Executive Suites Building (behind the DQ Restaurant). Please use the side door (facing the South Hill Pierce County Library) and take the elevator to the15406 Meridian Ave. E. second floor. Have a seat and relax in the waiting area–Steve will meet you there. (Restrooms at the end of the hall.)

Google map: 15406 Meridian Avenue E., Suite 206, Puyallup, WA 98375.