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(Men’s) ANGER Management Skills
NOTE: CLASS is CLOSED to additional enrollment, and the next session has not yet been scheduled. You are welcome to contact Stewart Counseling for Individual sessions instead of the class.

Anger is like having a strong bodyguard, but inside you. If respected and skillfully managed, it improves lives. Mismanaged, it wrecks lives (including yours).IMG_2504

This class is a safe place to learn about both appreciating and managing anger, but without being disrespected in the process. That’s our goal. And we think these classes are very helpful.

See how this class–Anger Recalibration and Management Skills–fits your circumstances (and classes are cheaper than regular therapy). Live courageously. Understand your anger and then make it support your values instead of destroy them. The next 10-week course launches soon … email (that’s best) or call Steve Stewart for specific information. This is a brief course–it isn’t a DV perpetrators’ program.

The next classes have not been scheduled.

Contact Steve Stewart– or 503-936-1508; for now, only individual and couples appointments are being made.