What to Look for in a Good Counselor

Stewart Counseling Services delights in helping people, but does not assume it is the best counseling resource for everyone—it is not. We limit our services to those areas within our skill set. If you would like references to other counseling resources, we are happy to serve you that way, too.

Whether you’re looking for a good marriage counselor or a therapist who cares about your depression, here are six important things to watch for when looking for a good counselor:

  1. Care—your counselor should genuinely care about you and value you as a person. If not, look elsewhere.
  2. Courage—your counselor should be willing to challenge you in a respectful way … because honesty is valuable.
  3. Practical—your counselor should seem realistic and reasonable … it should be “do-able” in a way you appreciate.
  4. Ethics—your counselor should be willing to discuss what is fair, right, honest, and responsible, while helping you to make your own choices.
  5. Respect for your responsibilities—your counselor should honor your inclinations to act responsibly and allow you to move at your own pace when making difficult decisions.
  6. Respect for your community—your counselor should honor your efforts to contribute to your community, and should encourage you to explore this part of your life and values.

Email or call Steve to make an appointment:
Steve Stewart, LMFT, LMHC


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